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Whipped Bear Root Sugar Scrub

Whipped Bear Root Sugar Scrub


This is truly a one-of-a-kind product that is homemade with fresh Bear Root our family gathered in a good and proper way.


In Lakhota we call this the Bear's Medicine. It was gathered during travels as it grows outside our territory. Now it is acquired through trade and gathering. Bear root or Osha Root, gets its nickname from the people observing bears coming out of hibernation. When a bear comes out of hibernation, it will eat Osha root to cleanse its digestive system and boost its immune system. The bear will chew the root into a watery paste, spit it on its paws and wash its face and whole body with the herb.


Osha root is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial herb and it is an anti-inflammatory. For headaches, respiratory or allergies, it can be burned and breathing in the smoke will treat your ailments. It wards off snakes and is often made into a tea.  Bear Root is also used to ward off negative energy and unwelcomed spirits.

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