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Sweetgrass Soap & Shampoo Bar

Sweetgrass Soap & Shampoo Bar


Sweetgrass Soap & Shampoo Bar

This is one of our best sellers and one that we really love to make.  We began growing our own sweetgrass in our garden and have been able to come up with our own sweetgrass oil from what we grow.  This is what we scent all of our sweetgrass products with.

It is said, long ago, when the White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the people, she carried in her right hand a braid of sweetgrass.  Ever since, our people have used this in honor of her, the calf pipe she brought to us, and to bring forth good thoughts, good feelings, and good energy.  Sweetgrass is a grass, but it has a sweet scent similar to's truly a special scent and special medicine we are happy to share.


This luxurious bar is made up of all organic ingredients such as:  RSPO Sustainable Palm Butter, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Lye, Greek Yogurt, Goat's Milk, Sweetgrass infused in Grapeseed Oil, and colored with earth paint from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  This is truly a blessing to share and a true labor of love.

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    We make all of our soaps by hand and in small batches. The picture above shows a general representation of how your bar will look. Please keep in mind that each bar is unique and the color, shape, and design may be different from bar to bar and batch to batch.

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