Our Sweetgrass Bundle is made up of our entire Sweetgrass line worth $67.00 and we are selling it for $53.00...a $14.00 savings.  Included in this bundle is:

1 Sweetgrass Soap and Shampoo Bars (1 square)

1 Sweetgrass oil infused  Apple Cider Vinegar Bar

1 Sweetgrass Hair Conditioner

1 Sweetgrass Body Butter

1 Sweetgrass Magnesium Body Butter

1 Sweetgrass Sugar Scrub

1 Sweetgrass Bath Bomb

1 Sweetgrass Lip Balm

1 Sweetgrass Oil Perfume Roller


All of our Sweetgrass products are made with organic ingredients with our own homemade infused sweetgrass oil.  The Body Butters and Sugar Scrubs come in 4 ounce recyclable tins, the hair conditioners come in a 6 ounce recyclable aluminum bottle with a pump.  With all of these products, a little bit goes a long ways.  


It is said that when the White Buffalo Calf Woman came to our people, so long ago, that she brought to us Sweetgrass to use in prayer.  To use this medicine to bring in good things to our lives, a blessing we share...sharing our good medicine.  Mitakuye Oyas'in.

Sweetgrass Bundle



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