Copal Sunrise is made with Copal Resin and Vetiver Essential Oil, Opoponax Essential Oil, Beeswax, Ambrette Essential Oil, Cumin Essential Oil and colored with all natural earth pigments.

Copal resin and copal essential oil come from the indigenous peoples of South America and has traditionally been used to reduce inflammation, help provide relief for respiratory ailments, for skin nourishment, especially helping with insect bites and the healing of wounds. As a smudge, this medicine helps lift our spirits out of depression, cleanse our spirits, and helps create sacred spaces and clear a path for good medicine to come to us. Our family was gifted some to use in our lodge and we have enjoyed using this good medicine on our rocks and other times we smudge. When we first used it, it helped everyone present feel good physically and spiritually. Our family is happy to share this good medicine with our circles of supporters.

Copal Sunrise Soap & Shampoo Bar

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