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Haipažaža Pȟežuta means "Medicine Soaps" in the Lakota language. We are Lakota (& Dakota) from the Northern Plains & are committed to offering our customers the best selection of our home made hot process soaps & other herbal products at affordable prices. We have five children & as parents we witnessed how chemical laden & store bought products caused allergic reactions in our children.
So we began our journey of creating soaps & other herbal products from our traditional plant knowledge & our Lakota belief that everything we touch carries our spiritual medicine. All of our products are made with Love & Good Medicine, Good intentions & Good Prayers for those who will use them. All of our soap & products ingredients are organic & harvested from our homelands & fair trade organic products from other parts of the world.

Our convenient & quick website allows you to get exactly what you want sooner in our new Online Product Shop. We provide around-the-clock customer service & all the important product information you need to make the most of your shopping experience. Searching for a specific product with a certain medicine plant or herb?

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All of our products & hot process soaps are home made in our home & various earth pigments are used at our discretion, making each batch unique. We are happy to sell at discounted prices for traditional give aways! Please message us for any questions or inquiries.

Wophila Ecichiyapi!


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